Erika Jayne Enjoying Single Life, With ‘Focus on Rebuilding’

Erika Jayne in a black outfit, smiling and sitting in a a chair on Watch What Happens Live
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Ever since Erika Jayne called it quits from the (allegedly) villainous Tom Girardi, the whole world has been awaiting her next move. Everyone wants to see her upgrade with her next romance. At this point, that wouldn’t require much.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star hasn’t been shy about the life she’s been striving for after separating from her ex. Over the last two years, she’s emerged from her breakup and bragged about having the “best sex” with a younger man. Still, she’s yet to show much of her dating life on the show, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening there.

Last week, Erika raised eyebrows when photos surfaced of a hunky personal trainer doing in-person visits at Erika’s house at all hours of the day. Does your personnel bring you food in the middle of the night? The whole thing had “boy toy” written all over it, but Erika wants the world to know that her career comes first.

Erika is unapologetically single

Insiders confirmed that Erika and the person trailer were “having fun,” but they were quick to deny any rumblings of an official romance.

In a recent chat with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, she shared more about her current outlook on dating. She made it clear that she’s very much single and isn’t putting a label on anything. Technically, she’s not fully divorced from Tom, but she’s labeling herself as a single woman. She’s too focused on trying to rebuild a career to worry about trying to find another long-term partner.

“I’m a single woman, but I think that right now, the focus is on rebuilding and moving forward,” Erika explained.

“I’m sure that, you know, something great will come into my life in the right time…I’m sure at some point, the right relationship will show up,” she continued. “But right now, I enjoy being a private person. I enjoy just kind of getting back on my feet and that’s what I’ve tried to for, like, a couple years now.”

Erika is focusing on Erika

Although Erika allegedly enjoys being a “private person,” her career as a reality TV star makes that a little bit hard. You can’t be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and expect folks to ignore the fact that a young, personal trainer has been showing up at your house at all hours of the day and night.

Even when discussing her rumored tryst with the young personal trainer, an insider echoed Erika’s sentiment that she’s not looking for anything serious. She’s just enjoying being independent. You can’t fault her for that.

“She’s not looking for anything serious right now,” an insider said about her relationship with her trainer. “Erika doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

During Erika’s two-part special, Bet it All One Blonde, she opened up a little bit more about her dating life. She’s open to finding love, but after everything she’s been through, it might be tough

She said she doesn’t, “know if absolute trust is a possibility for me in life.” Perhaps we’ll see more of this side of her explored in the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

You can watch Erika on Season 13 of RHOBH and in her special, Bet It All On Blonde. It’s all streaming on Peacock.


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