Hear Eric Clapton’s New Song ‘Heart of a Child,’ Co-Written By Fellow Vaccine Skeptic

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rs-172642-158288503 - Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty
rs-172642-158288503 - Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

UPDATE 12/25: As forewarned, Eric Clapton has released the video for his latest single “Heart of a Child,” which he co-wrote with his friend and fellow vaccine skeptic Robin Monotti. “Don’t break the heart of your child,” Clapton sings on the track. “Don’t let the fear drive you wild.”

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After successfully preventing a German widow from selling her late husband’s bootleg CD, Eric Clapton promised some additional holiday cheer Friday by announcing a forthcoming single titled “Heart of a Child,” co-written by Clapton and his friend and fellow vaccine skeptic Robin Monotti.

The song arrives Dec. 24, and while the track’s lyrics aren’t explicitly about Covid-19 in the same over-the-top way as Van Morrison’s new music, there are definite undertones to the anti-lockdown and vaccine-hesitant stances that Clapton has aligned with during the pandemic.

“We lost the love of a man / I was proud to know / They locked you down boy / Made you grieve alone,” the lyrics state. “Turn off the TV / Throw your phone away / Don’t you remember / What your daddy used to say.”

As Clapton’s friends and past collaborators have abandoned the guitarist over the past few years due to his Covid-19 stances, it has perhaps forced Clapton to write songs with whichever friends he has left, regardless of profession: It was through Monotti, an architect and film producer who is currently suspended from Twitter, that Clapton first detailed his “disastrous” health experience after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine and blamed “the propaganda” for overstating the safety of the vaccine.

The “close friends” later sat down for a 20-minute conversation where they questioned lockdowns, mandates, the vaccine “passport,” Ivermectin and more:

Despite claiming that he is not anti-vaccination, Clapton continues to deepen his connection with proponents of that field, including recently engaging anti-vaxx kingpin Robert F. Kennedy for a lengthy video interview where he bashed Rolling Stone for our article about his support of the anti-lockdown movement as well as his history of racial tirades.

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