The Equalizer Season 4 Finale Ending: Will Tory Kittles’ Marcus Dante Return?

The Equalizer Season 4 Finale Ending: Will Tory Kittles’ Marcus Dante Return?
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The CBS series The Equalizer serves as a reboot of the original series of the same name from the ‘80s. It sees Tory Kittles’ Marcus Dante recognize that Robyn McCall’s methods of vigilante justice are effective but he still resolves to arrest her. However, as the series progresses, their relationship becomes romantic. After the eventful season 4 finale of The Equalizer, fans want to know whether Dante will return in the fifth season.

Here is what we have learned about Dante’s return.

What happened in The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 10 finale’s ending?

After kissing Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) in the penultimate episode of Season 4, Dante appears to be hopeful about the future in the tenth and final episode. He and Robyn performed well during a training exercise, demonstrating once again that they are an exceptional team. However, things take an unexpected turn when Captain Watkins offers him a transfer to California to be part of a Federal Task Force targeting a ring of child predators.

On paper, it’s a promotion, but Watkins tells Dante that if he refuses to go, he will spend the rest of his career bound to his desk. Dante has more than one reason to stay in New York, including his budding relationship with Robyn. He later speaks to her about the offer. Even though Robyn wants him to stay with her, she initially doesn’t voice her feelings.

Meanwhile, seeking revenge for what happened to their father, the Malik brothers abduct Mel (Liza Lapira). Inevitably, Dante and Robyn get involved and play a crucial role in bringing Mel home.

However, the entire ordeal had a deep impact on Mel, who decides to quit the equalizing team for now and focus on personal healing. Elsewhere, Dee decides not to go to the military school and help the people around her. Finally coming to terms with her feelings, Robyn goes to speak to Dante only to learn that he has decided to take the job. The episode ends as Dante walks away from Robyn, and tears stream down her face.

Will Dante return in The Equalizer Season 5?

In a May 2024 interview with Screen Rant, conducted before the Season 4 finale aired, Tory Kittles implied that his character would return for Season 5. He stated Dante’s confession under the influence of truth serum and his relationship with his father would be explored in detail in future episodes.

According to Kittles, the development of Dante and Robyn’s relationship would also be an important part of the narrative in the future. “People want to know, ‘Alright, enough is enough. What’s going to happen with McCall and Dante? We want them to get together. We want to know,’” the actor explained. “So we’re finally going to confront that. And I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but I can tell you that it’s going to be very revealing for both of them. But they both are going to have to take leaps of faith, and they’re going to have to make big, big choices about their futures,” he added.

Given that CBS has already renewed The Equalizer for the fifth season, it’s reasonable for fans to assume that they will see more of Dante in future episodes.

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