Entire family dresses up like patriarch and surprises him in wholesome prank

A family with a spectacular sense of humor decided to prank their patriarch by having every single person dress up to look exactly like him. one of the family members named Macy Sauls uploaded a video of the mischievous stunt to TikTok. “My whole family dressed up as my dad without him knowing,” Sauls says (via closed captioning) in the video. The video then cuts to her and her family putting on bald caps and blue polos as they transform into their beloved patriarch. Even the youngest members of the family — who can’t be more than 6 or 7 — get in on the action. At the end of the video, Sauls captures her confused-looking father standing next to several of his family members dressed exactly like him. TikTok found the prank equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. “Your fam needs a reality show I’m convinced,” one person said. “I literally screamed!” another added. “That last scene OMG”