Endless Summer: Beach Boys play Wild Adventures

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May 15—VALDOSTA — Mike Love's been everywhere, almost.

At more than 60 years with the Beach Boys, Love has not only been to most places, he can name the venues the band once played in certain cities and the newer venues played in more recent concerts.

Many places, the Beach Boys have performed more than once.

This weekend, Love and the Beach Boys return to Wild Adventures Theme Park.

And when the Beach Boys play, the years fall away, the 82-year-old Love said in a phone interview with The Valdosta Daily Times.

"We've been doing this since 1961, so 60 years and counting of 'Surfin' U.S.A.,'" he said. "You go on the stage, it's very energizing having the whole audience getting into your music ('Good Vibrations,' 'Barbara Ann,' 'Kokomo,' 'I Get Around'). ... You can really see and hear the audience."

He said the audiences are multi-generational, comprised of fans who have been along for the ride the entire 62-year history of the Beach Boys to new fans who are still in elementary school to every age in between.

Seeing so many generations in the audience, playing the upbeat hits of the Beach Boys, Love said, "It's like an endless summer. I'm blessed to be a Beach Boy."

But it's not just the music and audience that keeps giving Love those "Good Vibrations," he credits transcendental meditation.

He said he's meditated since 1967 when visiting the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Love joined The Beatles during their famed visit with the Maharashi in India.

"George Harrison and I remained close for years," Love said. "Our birthdays are close, so we often celebrated them together (Love's birthday is March 15; Harrison's, Feb. 25)."

Love penned a song, "Pisces Brothers," to honor Harrison.

While the trip to India was six decades ago, transcendental meditation has remained a part of Love's life, he said.

"Meditation relaxes you without the need for drugs or alcohol," he said. "It increases your energy and positivity. ... It's been a huge benefit for dealing with fatigue and stress and anxiety." So is live performance, he said, with everyone knowing the songs, singing along, everywhere they go.

And while new venues in Detroit, D.C., and other areas keep return visits fresh to some areas, there are still some places where the Beach Boys haven't played after 60 years.

One place is Russia, Love said, adding the political climate makes playing there impossible for now, though Love added, "someday maybe."

The band would like to add one other place.

"Israel. I would like to play Israel," Love said. "The Beach Boys have never played Israel."

The Beach Boys play 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 20, Wild Adventures Theme Park, Old Clyattville Road. More information: Visit wildadventures.com.