‘Empire’s’ Rhonda Comes Back From the Dead for Ghost Threesome

On Empire, Rhonda may have fallen to her death several weeks’ ago, but apparently her death comes with benefits. The deceased Lyon keeps coming back in Andre’s visions, and this week she came back at what could have been an awkward moment for Dre, while he was in the middle of a intimate embrace with Empire Records newest artist, Nessa. Andre was having second thoughts about Nessa, since his wife’s death was still fresh in his mind, but then Rhonda appeared to him in a negligee and told Andre to go for it. Not only did his dead wife, give the green light, she decided to get behind Andre and join in for a very odd threesome. If his dalliance with Rhonda continues, Andre may end up joining Rhonda in the afterlife, as her guardian Shine is already set out to start a war with the Lyons, and he is incredibly protective of his protege, Nessa.