‘Empire’ Recap: Angelo Proposes to Cookie, Lucious Takes a Lover

On Empire, Lucious Lyon flashes back to his time in Vegas, where he sported cornrows and was in love with the mysterious Giuliana. The two were lovers and business partners about to close a deal that would cost Lucious $10 million. When Giuliana’s shady husband (who Lucious didn’t know about) swooped in with guns and muscle, Lucious lost both the money and Giuliana. Now we understand why Lucious has been so skeptical about doing business in Vegas.

Next we see Lucious tentatively rekindle the flame with Giuliana after she tells him that she killed her husband for him.

Meanwhile, Angelo whips out a huge diamond ring on live television, gets down on one knee and proposes to Cookie. Taken completely off guard, Cookie reveals to him backstage that she still has feelings for Lucious and that she kissed him. And it was bum luck that it was all being broadcast to the entire television studio through Angelo’s microphone. But things get extra bad when Angelo angrily recites a laundry list of all of the illegal things he has done for Cookie.

After Angelo spills the beans, Cookie finds herself realizing her love for Lucious at exactly the wrong time — right when Lucious and Giuliana are becoming an item.

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