Emmys: Sarah Silverman Laments ‘Righteousness Porn’ Hurting Comedy

Sarah Silverman weighed in on the current state of comedy and so-called cancel culture from the Emmys red carpet on Sunday.

“There’s definitely pressure,” Silverman told red carpet host Kelly Osbourne in response to a question about being a comedian with the recent emphasis on political correctness. “There’s a kind of righteousness porn going on.”

The comedian, whose Hulu talk show “I Love You, America” aimed to bridge political and social divides, went on to say clarify that “there’s nuance” to a world where comedians are scrutinized for the things they say on and off stage. “There’s good and there’s bad.”

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“As a standup, it’s really odd,” she continued. “To talk about what’s really going on, or to talk about the world as we decide to see it, or to push and see where the line is or go past it, is so oddly unacceptable.”

She also commented on the lack of a host for this year’s Emmys: “I think comics are too scared to [host], but they aren’t even asked to,” she said.

Silverman’s words come a week after one of the new “Saturday Night Live” hires, stand-up comedian Shane Gillis, was fired after his history of racist and homophobic comments on his podcast was resurfaced online. Earlier this month, Dave Chappelle was criticized for his Netflix special, “Sticks and Stones,” in which he joked that he doesn’t believe Michael Jackson’s accusers and made jokes about LGBTQ people.

Silverman said she doesn’t like being “safe” in her comedy, but she does like to be “earnest.” She cautioned viewers and the reactionary public to keep in mind the intention behind the words.

“There’s such a difference between two people doing the same joke,” she said. “One disingenuous and one where you know their heart and soul.”

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“Nuance is gone. It’s an odd time, but I hope that comedy pushes through,” she concluded.

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