Emmy-nominated talk show host kisses 'Masked Singer' goodbye following elimination

On 'The Masked Singer' Wednesday night, viewers were introduced to a new and, slightly weirder, group of mystery celebrities, which included the Broccoli, the Squiggly Monster, the Jellyfish, the Mushroom and, finally the Lips, who, unsurprisingly, had to kiss the competition goodbye after just one performance.

While the lip's time on 'Masked Singer' was brief, before she got the kiss-off from the voting audience, her reveal definitely got everyone talking on Twitter — when these flaming Lips turned out to be Wendy Williams. “I can’t sing, I can’t dance, but I know how to have fun!” the controversial talk show host declared, and truer words were never spoken on the show.

Williams delivered what just might be the, technically, worst vocal in this series’ history. However, Williams was definitely in her element — regally reclining on a chat-show couch as her lippy backup dancers did all the heavy-lifting work around her, hilariously deadpanning her way through Odyssey’s forgotten 1977 disco hit “Native New Yorker” in her iconic East Coast drawl.

Unfortunately, William's amateur antics, as amusing as they were, were no competition for the actually impressive vocals of the other Group C mystery celebrities and, even though the lips weren't sealed on her identity for that long, Williams got to enjoy one last performance.