Emma Stone Reveals How Bill Murray Helped Her Through Acne Problem on 'Aloha' Set

Add “sweetheart” to the ever-growing list of Bill Murray descriptors. (Others: comic genius, underrated dramatic actor, maker of infinite Internet lore, etc.)

Emma Stone told Yahoo Movies UK that she was having some bad acne issues on the Hawaii set of their new film, Aloha, so the veteran performer went out his way to make her feel better.

“On a daily basis, he would bring me nice little presents,” Stone said in our interview, which you can watch above. “Like he would go to a concert and bring me a keychain, or he would go to a store and bring me Maui Onion potato chips… a visor, some slippers. It was pretty sweet.”

Aloha, written and directed by Cameron Crowe (Say Anything, Jerry Maguire), stars Bradley Cooper as a military contractor dispatched to Hawaii where he falls in love with an Air Force pilot played by Stone. Murray co-stars as a billionaire aerospace businessman and former mentor to Cooper.

The film opens wide Friday. Watch the trailer: