Emily Simpson Did It: Here Are 5 Other Housewives Who Have Showed Off Dramatic Weight Loss

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast member Emily Simpson recently debuted a 15-pound weight loss on her Instagram. The mom of three was quickly met with accusations of photoshops and lies. Since joining the cast in season 13, Simpson has been met with a lot of online hate mostly directed at her weight. Unfortunately, Simpson and her natural curves have not been the only cast members in the franchise to be fat-shamed by fans. Here are 5 other cast members who noticeably lost a lot of weight after receiving hate from co-stars and trolls.


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Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador is 40 pounds down and can’t stop talking about it. During her marriage and after her separation, Beador would regularly complain about her weight being an issue. we are sure her ego was massively bruised when her ex-husband David Beador decided to cheat on her then not want to work on their marriage. The mom of two said if she could give some advice it would be to diet. "You can eat flavorful, good food that's going to satisfy you. You can eat all day if you want! You just have to choose the right things to put into your body... I always heard that it was 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, and yeah, do I have some flab that I want to tone up? Absolutely. But I think it's like 90 percent or more diet." Said Beador.

Teddi Mellencamp

Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were shocked to find out that Teddi Mellencamp used to be very overweight. You would never be able to tell seeing as she is so in shape nowadays. However, the expectant mom has made health a fitness a huge priority in life, in fact, she made it her business. Her biggest advice is that “you can say no” she said that as soon as she realized she had that power to say no everything changed for her. Something as simple as a word helped her lose weight and we’re over here saying no more while we have already overeaten. The accountability coach went on to say as adults, moms, working people we forget to take care of ourselves. She mentions that many people get wrapped up into their lives and their own health falls by the wayside. Her advice is to make yourself a priority once you start feeling better about yourself than everything shifts.

Jennifer Aydin

Jennifer Aydin joined the Housewives of New Jersey last season. She has rubbed a lot of the cast the wrong way and because of this, the online trolls have gotten to her. One of the things that she has had to endure is fat-shaming. During the premiere of this season, Aydin acknowledged that she went under the knife for a little bit of plastic surgery. This boost in confidence got Aydin on health kick to where she has partnered with a team to help her lose even more weight. The mom of 5 has been updating fans on her weight loss weekly. "I'm down five pounds, OK. So this is awesome. They have customized a meal plan and a diet plan that is conducive with my lifestyle. And I couldn't be happier. So if you guys need to lose some weight, this is the place to be. Down five pounds at my two week check-in. Check that," said Aydin.

Dolores Catania

We are just as surprised as you are to have to put Dolores Catania on this list. her body is rock solid, and she is always bragging about fitness in her confessionals. But Catania admits she was not impressed with her body and the fact that her weight would regularly go up and down. The mom of 2 said she was actually inspired by Milania Guidice and her own niece. my niece Sarah and Milania Giudice. She lost so much weight and she’s still losing weight. She’s going to the gym with her mother, and I was like ‘Oh you know what? I really need to get on it.’ I’m like ‘Look at them, why can’t I just do it?’ I was getting heavier — I go up and down in weight, I had to stop.” According to an Instagram post-Catania used the same health clinic as co-star Jennifer Aydin Elite Health Center. She did a 45-day diet program and lost 25 pounds that we couldn’t even tell she needed to lose. We hope at 48-years-old we can look just as good as Dolores.

NeNe Leakes

Queen of Shade NeNe Leakes was never one to hold her tongue on any subject. This included when she realized that she was “thicka than a snika” and wanted to shed said Snickers. When the show started she wasn’t necessarily fat but during her slow rise to fame, she wanted to look better on camera. She has recently been sporting a more svelte physique and this is thanks to dieting. In August Leakes told Hollywood Life that she lost 12 pounds and as in the process of losing more (she did for sure). During Greg’s fight against colon cancer, the couple took on a lifestyle change to help him fight the illness. I’m not a big eater. But what I started to do, was just have small portions. I feel like I eat about four times a day – four, sometimes five – just nibbling on stuff, and I feel really satisfied.”