Emily in Paris Season 3 Debate: Who Is the Better Boss, Madeline or Sylvie?

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Warning: This article features spoilers from Emily in Paris season three.

Forget love triangle, Emily in Paris season three kicks off with a work triangle.

For those who may need a refresher, season two ended with Emily (Lily Collins) being torn in two different directions: Stay at Savoir with her longtime boss Madeline (Kate Walsh) or join French mentor Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) at her new company. Unsure of what to do, Emily decides to work for both—resulting in hilarious chaos that only Emily in Paris can create.

And while Emily ultimately chooses to stay in Paris with Sylvie, we found ourselves wondering if she picked the right team. Was Sylvie really the superior employer? Could Emily have had more opportunity under Madeline?

Even Philippine felt torn over Emily's career conundrum, telling E! News, "It is a tug of war between Sylvie and Madeline. And it's very funny and also very grounded and powerful."

So, we here at E! News felt it was only right that we add our two cents into the mix and share two very different stances on who the best Emily in Paris boss is. Here's what we came up with...

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Sylvie is the better boss - Charlotte Walsh

Way back in the glorious days of 2020, Emily Cooper came to Paris ready to immerse herself in all things France—while still clinging to American superficialities like the 12-hour clock, the Fahrenheit system and air conditioning. But once she got to Savoir for her first day in the office, her coworkers Luc (Bruno Gouery), Julien (Samuel Arnold) and, most of all, boss Sylvie started truly educating her in the ways of Paris—and that included giving her the tough love she needed.

Sylvie wasn't going to coddle Emily, or hand-hold her as she adjusted to life in a new city. Through criticism and (often sparing) guidance, Emily quickly learned the ways of Savoir, pulling off an epic PR stunt for Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet) by the end of season one. Sylvie learned to value Emily's individuality, instead of calling her a—what was that?—"little working soldier," as Madeline called her. Plus, she can go from business maven to fashion icon in a second, rocking risky blazers and chic black bikinis in turn. St. Tropez, here we come!

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Kate Walsh, Emily In Paris

Even better, Sylvie knows there's a lot more to life than work. She has a great work-life balance, and refused to let her employees chat about business at social functions and on the weekends. She also wouldn't let it get in the way of true love, trying her hand at relationships with Antoine Lambert (William Abadie) and Erik DeGroot (Søren Bregendal). Though her paramours may not have worked out, Sylvie can always spot an opportunity—for business or romance—in the City of Love.

But to top it all off, in season three, Emily made our decision for us, deciding she'd rather work under Sylvie at her new agency, Agence Grateau, rather than stick with Madeline's rigid American ways. Emily in Paris, indeed.

Madeline is the better boss - Alyssa Ray

Looking for a controversial opinion? Well, we've got one for you: Madeline is the better boss on Emily in Paris.

Yes, we know Sylvie is the chicer of the two, but Madeline is a straight-forward boss who makes keen business decisions and mentors rising marketing mavens. Remember, it was Madeline who gave Emily the chance to head to the City of Lights for a once-in-a-lifetime work opportunity.

She never made Emily feel ridiculous for her out of the box social media pitches or unexpected collaborations, rather, she encouraged them. And while Madeline's arrival in the Paris office was unwelcomed by Sylvie and the rest of the French staff, it was her job to snuff out bad deals and corruption, which all occurred under Sylvie's leadership.

The moment that really cemented Madeline as Boss of the Year? In season three, episode three, she gave Emily her blessing when the ingénue decided to join Sylvie's new company, Agence Grateau.

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"I get it, I do," she told her mentee. "It's always been a dream of mine to live and work here."

Madeline also didn't waste any time in finding Emily's replacement, as we have a feeling she was the person Julien (Samuel Arnold) was suspiciously emailing in the season three finale. We respect a business shark, that's for sure.

Not sure where you stand? Tune in to season three of Emily in Paris—which is now available to stream on Netflix—and then let us know your thoughts at @eonlineTV.

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