Elsbeth Finale Clip Reveals Deadly Fashion Emergency With Two Broadway Greats, And It's No Wonder The Cast Raved About Season 1 Guest Stars

 Elsbeth and Kaya meeting a model in Season 1 finale.
Elsbeth and Kaya meeting a model in Season 1 finale.

Only one episode is left of Elsbeth in the spring 2024 TV season, and it looks like The Good Wife spinoff may have saved one of the best for last. The Season 1 finale features not only cameos from real-life celebrities in the fashion world, but two Broadway legends in what seems to quite literally be a killer story. In a first look clip (seen above), musical theater greats Laura Benanti and André De Shields set the stage for the case of the week as characters in fashion, but Elsbeth can't work her usual investigative magic.

Take a look, then keep reading for some details for the May 23 finale and what cast members said about the Season 1 guest stars!

What To Expect From Elsbeth's Season 1 Finale

The Season 1 finale of Elsbeth is called "A Fitting Finale," and as the clip shows, it will feature two Tony Award-winning Broadway stars with Laura Benanti (also known for Supergirl on the small screen) as the star model of a fashion show where there was murder most foul. André De Shields, who won his Tony for his performance as Hermes as part of the original Broadway cast of Hadestown, evidently plays Benanti's character's former teacher.

Basically, if you're a fan of musical theater, "A Fitting Finale" may be a favorite just based on the above clip and the cast! What's fun for fans may not be quite so much fun for Elsbeth herself, who seems absolutely shocked that she doesn't have a hunch right away. While we'll all have to tune in to the finale on May 23 for all the context, it seems likely that Elsbeth has been shaken up by discovering the consequences she's facing from Captain Wagner for her deceit.

The show has been renewed for Season 2, so his intent to send her back to Chicago definitely isn't going to be the end of Elsbeth's story in primetime.

Kaya, Elsbeth, and Wagner standing together in Elsbeth Season 1 finale
Kaya, Elsbeth, and Wagner standing together in Elsbeth Season 1 finale

What Cast Members Said About Guest Stars

Elsbeth has packed so many notable guest stars into the first season that it's hard to believe it ran for only ten episodes. Starting with Stephen Moyer in the premiere for a True Blood reunion with star Carrie Preston to Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson to even Keegan-Michael Key for a killer/dance instructor who had a whole routine with Preston. When I had the chance to ask members of the cast about the first season guest stars, they only had high praise. In the wake of the penultimate episode, Wendell Pierce, who plays Captain Wagner, shared:

I was excited by all of them. Blair Underwood and I are friends, so it was great to have him but the roster was amazing. Jane Krakowski, Linda Lavin, and Gina Gershon were particularly surprising to get on board.

I spoke with Carra Patterson – a.k.a. Kaya – earlier in the first season, and she teased guest stars who hadn't yet appeared as well as her dream guest star, who is currently leading her own show as star of ABC's 9-1-1. Patterson explained:

Ooh, who would I love? We have so many cool ones coming up but if I could pick it would be Angela Bassett. That would be fun. [laughs] Angela's the queen, so she could even just pop in and I would pass out

While it remains to be seen who Elsbeth will recruit as guest stars for Season 2, be sure to tune in to CBS on Thursday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET for the Season 1 finale of Elsbeth, which will fortunately return to primetime in the fall. Following the cancellation of So Help Me Todd, Elsbeth's lead-in will be the fresh take on Matlock, starring Kathy Bates. You can also revisit earlier episodes of Elsbeth streaming with a Paramount+ subscription now.