Elliot Page says he was ‘incredibly uncomfortable’ wearing girls’ bathing suits as a child

 (Apple/Vanity Fair)
(Apple/Vanity Fair)

Elliot Page has opened up about his decision to publicly come out as transgender in a new interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In December, the Juno star announced on social media that he is trans and uses he/they pronouns.

In the latest episode of Winfrey’s Oprah Conversations series, Page said: “In preschool I just knew, and I did have the language, I remember asking my mum when I was a bit older, ‘Can I be a boy when I grow up?’ because I didn’t understand that that wasn’t gonna be the case for me. How could I picture that… I was definitely like, ‘No, I’m not a girl.’ I knew that immediately.”

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He added that when he was a little younger than 10 years old, he had a moment of “gender euphoria” when swimming at a friend’s house.

“I remember it so vividly,” he said, “there were so many moments of gender euphoria as a kid in the moments that it was possible. I was at my friend Tim’s house, there was a pool in the back, I didn’t have a bathing suit and I got to wear the ‘boy’s’ bathing suit and I was living my best life.

“I was so happy seeing myself because swimming and bathing suits were always incredibly uncomfortable.”

Winfrey’s interview with Page is available on Apple TV+ now.

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