Ellen DeGeneres and Bradley Cooper Team Up to Take Down a Teenager Over Oscars Selfie

For the second day in a row, Ellen dedicated a portion of her show to making people aware that her Oscar’s selfie record is in jeopardy. Sixteen-year-old Carter Wilkerson recently tweeted at Wendy’s, asking, “How many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?” The fast food chain responded, “18 Million.” Wilkerson accepted the challenge, replying, “Consider it done.”

Ellen Degeneres
Photo credit: NBC

Wilkerson now has 2.7 million retweets. DeGeneres currently holds the record for most retweets ever, with her Oscars selfie at 3.3 million retweets. The host has seemingly taken the stance now that Wilkerson can have her retweet record when he pries it from her cold, dead hands.

DeGeneres has been asking her viewers to please retweet her tweet every time they retweet Wilkerson’s. This way, he can get his nuggets, and she can keep her record. And she enlisted the help of one of her friends, actor Bradley Cooper. Together, the two shot a PSA begging America to help them keep the record.

I guess having a show, more than 20 Emmys, and millions of dollars just isn’t enough for DeGeneres.

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