Ellen DeGeneres and Wife Portia De Rossi Have a ‘Kid’


Everyone can stop asking Ellen DeGeneres when she’s going to have a kid now. The talk show host just adopted one: a 9-week-old … puppy named Kid.

“He is absolutely adorable,” she gushed, sharing a photo of the dog on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday. “He’s … cute as can be.”

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DeGeneres already has two older dogs with wife Portia DeRossi: Wolf, a rescue, and Auggie. But she doesn’t appreciate Kid’s sleep schedule, or lack thereof. “I’ll tell you, what’s not cute is to wake up at 11 and 1 and 3 and 5,” she griped. “And then 5 is when he’s up, up.”

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Photo: Ellen TV

Kid’s canine siblings are “doing great with him — they’re really teaching him a lot,” continued DeGeneres, also a mom to three cats: Charlie, George, and Chairman.

The real learning curve, she says, is hers — figuring out how to cope with the rambunctious pup. “Oh, god,” she said. “He’s got so much energy.” And in that way, the star admits she sees parenthood in a new light.

“It really makes me appreciate what it’s like to be a mother,” said the star. “Because, like, I’m trying to hold a puppy while I’m trying to make coffee. And I can’t do anything. He doesn’t let me do anything.”

Kid, after all, is her baby now. “I named him Kid because, you know, people, there have been rumors forever, ‘When are you and Portia going to have a kid?’ So now I can say we have a Kid!”

Top photo: Ellen TV

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