Elle King Talks Virtual Concert — and Pandemic Songwriting over Zoom: 'I Could Wear Sweatpants'

Jeff Nelson
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Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Elle King

Elle King is ready to rock.

The "Ex's & Oh's" singer will headline one of Rolling Stone's "Rooftop Sessions" live streams Friday night, performing atop an N.Y.C. building. (Click here for more information.)

"You have to look for the good in things, so after this year, anytime I get any opportunity to play, whether it's by myself or with my bandmates, it's such a blessing," King, 31, says of getting back to performing live.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Grammy-nominated singer has not been able to tour this year.

"It is really such a very deeply rooted reminder of why I love music and why this is such a beautiful version of self-expression for me," she says. "I just feel like we have to count our gratitude and all of our blessings as they come. I feel really, really lucky."

The newly engaged rocker has been focusing on songwriting throughout the pandemic, during which she relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Paul Morigi/Getty Elle King

"I've tried to write music and I've tried to do it all different kinds of ways," says the singer, who released her In Isolation EP over the summer. "I feel lucky that I got to do a lot of Skype sessions, which honestly, I loved them — I could wear sweatpants, be in my own house and write with amazing people all over the world. It was cool."

King is currently hard at work on her third album, a follow-up to her acclaimed 2018 LP, Shake the Spirit. And she can't wait to hit the road — and the stage — again, when it's safe to do so.

"At the end of the day, safety, health, family, everyone's lives are the most important thing. If we can find a way to make everybody comfortable and then still have music, is a beautiful thing," she says.

King adds: "I really commend a lot of these people who are just trying to figure out how to bring this back, because it's not just for performers, it's also for people who love music. I always try to remind myself, it's not every day on tour is a beautiful bad-ass rock 'n' roll thing. Sometimes you have a bad day, and you have to remind yourself: 'People save up for months, sometimes their whole year, to go to this one concert, this one show.' I don't know if we'll ever go back to normal, but I'm down for whatever we have to do in the future."