Elizabeth Warren Rides The Lightning Round With Stephen Colbert

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew quite a crowd for her speech Monday in Washington Square Park, and she had a different New York crowd rooting for her in Manhattan tonight. The Democratic second-runner — and gaining — was a guest on CBSThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the host had her ride the lightning.

The ebullient lawmaker from Massachusetts was the third Democratic White House hopeful to guest on the show in the past two weeks, following Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. She answered Colbert’s “mild lightning round” questions about the starting income point for her proposed “wealth tax” and the ugly situation involving Iran and Saudi Arabia (and the United States).

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On the former, she said: “It is people who have fortunes above $50 million, so your first $50 million is free and clear.” Colbert grinned and near-whispered, “Excellent.” Warren then wagged a finger at him and continued, “But your 50 millionth and first dollar, you gotta pitch in two cents and two cents for every dollar after that.”

On the Iran-Saudi flare-up, Colbert asked, “What would convince President Warren that the Iranians did this — and if so, what would your response be?” The candidate began her answer by noting that “we don’t have the kind of evidence that we need right now.” She then reminded viewers that a commander in chief needs an authorization for use of military force from Congress before going to war. “Nobody gets to drop those bombs on their own — no!”

Here’s a clip from the interview that was tweeted out today:

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