Elizabeth M. Drummond Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Simplify’

Elizabeth M. Drummond
Elizabeth M. Drummond | Photo by RC Stills/ via Supplied

Australian artist Elizabeth M. Drummond makes a triumphant return with her new single “Simplify”. The single explores the concept of “mental bypassing,” where mental exercises are used to escape personal struggles.

Elizabeth M. Drummond portrays the character of Linda M. Drummond in the two-part video accompanying the single. The song features Party Dozen’s Kirsty Tickle on saxophone. “Simplify” takes listeners on a sonic journey. The song celebrates unusual activities like tarot reading and astral travel, honoring organic wine and salt lamps.

Elizabeth M. Drummond – ‘Simplify’

Discussing the making of the video Elizabeth M. Drummond shares, “I wanted to make a Tim & Eric style set and interview, with a very tragic and tacky 80’s morning show twist. Rick Clifford co-directed and styled the whole thing with me and brought it all to life, shooting it on 80’s Betamax cameras. I hired my best friend Rhi (artist name ‘Merpire’) as the host, Denise Swan. As it turns out, she is one of the best actors I know. My equally charismatic band are featured too.”

Simplify” was produced by Elizabeth M. Drummond, an additional production by Vincent McIntyre, and was mixed by Grammy Award-winning producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt. This release follows Drummond’s 2022 debut solo EP “Congratulations” and features striking visuals that reflect his eclectic approach to art.

With the new single “Simplify” Drummond continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with her unique blend of music and visuals. storytelling.

You can stream the new single here.

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