Elizabeth Berkley revisits the infamous caffeine pill episode of 'Saved by the Bell'

"I'm so excited!" For 'Saved by the Bell' fans, that phrase is tied to one of the most iconic, and enduring, episodes of the hit show.

Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jessie Spano during the original run and returns for the forthcoming reboot, spoke to Yahoo Entertainment about the infamous episode, "Jessie's Song," where her character gets hooked on caffeine pills.

"Jessie was unhinged," she said. "And for a perfectionist ... that moment was a moment where she broke. And I think a lot of people, for some reason, it resonated for them."

She said of the highly memeable line, "there's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't either come up to me or DM me ... 'I'm so excited.'"