Eli Roth's Halloween movie-watching recommendation will leave you in Pieces

Clark Collis
·1 min read

Eli Roth knows a lot about the history of horror. So much so that the Cabin Fever and Hostel director has his own AMC show called Eli Roth's History of Horror. But what movie does Roth suggest folks check out this Halloween season? When yours truly recently moderated a PaleyFest discussion with the filmmaker and his friend/History of Horror talking head Quentin Tarantino, I put just that question to him. Roth's choice? Spanish film director Juan Piquer Simón's notorious and highly gruesome 1982 slasher film Pieces.

"You think it can't get any more bananas and it just goes to new levels of crazy," Roth said, with relish. "The kills are spectacular, and the score is fantastic, and the credits are perfect, and I think it's just a glowing work of art."

Season 2 of Eli Roth's History of Horror is currently airing on AMC Saturday night. You can see the whole History of Horror panel with Roth and Tarantino over at Yahoo.

Watch the trailer for Pieces above.

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