Elections Quebec Is Turning to TikTok Memes to Get the Vote Out

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Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

There’s a provincial election coming up in Quebec on Oct. 3, and in order to get the youth vote out, Élections Québec has created a pretty active TikTok account that’s turning some heads.

The independent, non-partisan agency that handles elections in the province has been posting on TikTok almost daily since going live on Aug. 30. They’re mostly riffing on popular memes of the day, from Corn Kid to “Careless Whisper,” but still getting pretty creative considering they’re using the same ballot box visual the entire time.

@electionsquebec On est en mode séduction pour vous faire voter le 3 octobre. #TLMV #qc2022 #fyp #élections2022 ♬ Careless Cbat - There I Ruined It

They’re steadily rising in popularity. The last two uploads eclipsed the 60,000 mark.

Will it bring people out to the ballot box? In 2018, the voter turnout was 66.45%, but only 53% of voters under 35 cast a ballot.

@electionsquebec C'est important d'être bien préparé avant d'entreprendre son exercice démocratique. #élections2022 #TLMV #qc2022 #fyp ♬ origineel geluid - Uptempo Feelings