Eight-time NBA All-Star is first to be unmasked during 'Masked Singer' premiere

The Masked Singer returned Wednesday night with part one of its Season 6 premiere, and while we met the first five mystery celebrities – the Skunk, Mother Nature, the Bull, the Puffer Fish, and the Octopus – sadly, it was the latter who was octopi-ing the first elimination spot.

While the audience thought he didn't quite rock-topus, viewers at home thought his performance of "Tutti Frutti" was amazing, and were kind of upset that he was sent home. However, they were even more excited when the Octopus unmasked himself and was revealed to be Los Angeles Laker and eight-time NBA All-Star Dwight Howard.

The 35-year-old basketball player seemed happy, when he explained how hot the suit was, as he shared, "The mask weighs about 55 pounds. I was sweating, smiling and singing. The three S's!" Howard also shared that he decided to go on The Masked Singer because it's his mom's favorite show.

"This morning, when we got here to the set, my mom was like, 'Dwight, what are we doing here?' And she saw The Masked Singer, she was like, 'You're on the Masked! Oh, my God!'" Unfortunately, Howard's mom didn't get to see him on the show for that long, but at least he was able to give an encore performance, before host Nick Cannon revealed the next celebrity to be unmasked during this week's double-elimination, Mother Nature, who will reveal her identity Thursday night during part two of the season premiere.