Edith Piaf’s Voice to Be Recreated with AI for Upcoming Biopic

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The estate of Edith Piaf has partnered with Warner Music Entertainment and the production company Seriously Happy for an upcoming biopic that’ll use AI technology to recreate the late singer’s voice, the first film of its kind to do so.

Tentatively titled EDITH, the biopic will cull together hundreds of voice recordings and photos — some of which date back over 80 years ago — of the French pop icon, who died in October 1963 due to complications related to liver cancer. The intended effect is Piaf narrating her own life story, while the visual element will combine new animated creations with archival footage.

EDITH will take place primarily in her Paris hometown and New York, tracing her short, yet immensely impactful life between the 1920s to 1960s. Of course, the flick will come with a soundtrack featuring a number of the singer’s original song recordings, including “La Vie en rose” and “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

EDITH is based on an original idea from Julie Veille, who also co-wrote the script with Gilles Marliac. In a press release, Veille explains: “When creating the film, we kept asking ourselves, ‘if Edith were still with us, what messages would she want to convey to the younger generations?’ Her story is one of incredible resilience, of overcoming struggles, and defying social norms to achieve greatness – and one that is as relevant now as it was then. Our goal is to utilize the latest advancements in animation and technology to bring the timeless story to audiences of all ages.”

Piaf’s estate executors Catherine Glavas and Christie Laume added: “It’s been a special and touching experience to be able to hear Edith’s voice once again – the technology has made it feel like we were back in the room with her. The animation is beautiful and through this film we’ll be able to show the real side of Edith – her joyful personality, her humor, and her unwavering spirit.”

More AI-made biopics might be imminent, too: YouTube has been working on an AI tool that will allow creators to make videos using vocals from popular musicians. Musicians including Corey TaylorNick Cave, and Queen’s Brian May have voiced their concerns against AI infiltrating the music world, but Paul McCartney and David Guetta have already made use of it.

Edith Piaf’s Voice to Be Recreated with AI for Upcoming Biopic
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