Edge: All The Wrestling Moves In The World, They Don’t Make Money

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Edge believes the trials and tribulations of his real life have helped him evolve his character on WWE programming.

The Rated R Superstar Edge was a recent guest on After The Bell with Corey Graves to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what he’s been able to take from the acting world and apply to his WWE return, Edge said it’s realizing that acting and channeling real life is what makes money in the wrestling industry. Explaining if you’re over in this business, it doesn’t matter what moves you do.

“I think more than anything, the acting. But also just the trials and tribulations of life,” Edge revealed. “Everything that I experienced in those nine years, having the career yanked out from under me, losing my mom, losing Beth’s dad, having two kids, that’s all life. Life lives here, and this is what people attach to. This is what makes money in our industry. All the wrestling moves in the world, they don’t make money.

“It’s the person doing the move that can make the money, that can elicit the reaction. If you got somebody who’s over, they can do a big boot and a leg drop, and the place is gonna go nuts. You can do a shooting star press; if they don’t know what this is, they’re not gonna care. Or they’ll care for a second, but then what’s next? And I think I had a knowledge of that before I had to retire but tenfold since coming back.

“And more than anything now, I think Edge and Adam aren’t that far apart. I think a lot of what you see out there is Adam. It’s just kind of unfiltered. When I do that entrance, man, that’s me. That’s me having a blast. That’s me just going, damn, I get to do this awesome gig again. So there’s nothing forced; there’s nothing phony.

“Sometimes I have to throw the pro wrestling in there, and I have to growl or yell or things like that to get the point across. But I always make sure, and I tell young talent this as well, and they’re all probably if they’re watching this they’re going, ‘Okay, we’ve heard him say that.’ In every promo that I do, I make sure that I have an element of truth. So I will always make sure to craft something that has elements that Adam believes in. And if I have those, then I can say what Edge needs to say from the pro wrestling side of things to make it sound legit.

“And I think those are the things that I’ve added since coming back that I didn’t necessarily have before. Before, Edge was strictly a character, and I just have injected much more of Adam into the character of Edge now to where it’s not that far apart. I don’t attack people in the streets, and I don’t wear a post-apocalyptic trench coat that weighs 45 pounds in my everyday life.”

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