Edge Always Had A Soft Spot For Sylvester Stallone, It Helped Him Believe In Himself

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Edge cites Sylvester Stallone as inspiration.

During a recent appearance on the Brotherly Love Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Edge discussed his inspirations and eventual path into pro wrestling.

“So If I look back at my childhood, I was a weird kid,” Edge said. “We have to be. There’s no other way around it, we were all weird kids. So [I was into] Ace Frehley, Sylvester Stallone, my mom, my Uncle Gary, and Hulk Hogan. Those were my touchstones.”

Edge noted that as he got older, he realized guitar wasn’t going to be his thing. He also wouldn’t follow in the footsteps of KISS’ original lead guitarist. However, he took an interest in Stallone, who also physically reminded him of his Uncle Gary.

“I think that’s why I’ve always had such a soft spot for Stallone. And then learning more about his story over the years, it’s just made me really respect the determination and grit that that dude had,” Edge said. “So I had decided I wanted to be a wrestler the first time I saw it. It kind of came along after Stallone and after KISS. I saw it the first time and I went, ‘I don’t know what this is, but I can’t stop watching it.’ I am just locked onto this thing and I think looking back, it was comic books brought to life, right, and I love comic books. But I can’t go down and I can’t shake hands with Spider-Man or Incredible Hulk or Thor.

“But I can go down to Maple Leaf Gardens and maybe, just maybe if I’m really creepy and find out where the wrestlers come into the arena, I can have a chat. And now I can pick the brains. Now I’m putting Demolition’s luggage in their trunk for them and going, ‘So, if I did this and did this and did this,’ then I’m going to The Dini Petty Show, which is like the Oprah of Canada, or was, and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was going to be one. He was champion.”

The Dini Petty Show

A clip of Edge’s cameo on The Dini Petty Show recently made rounds on social media. While Hart was a guest on the talk show, a young Adam Copeland was sitting in the crowd waiting to ask “The Hitman” for advice.

“I was training to be a wrestler by this point,” Edge continued. “I went and sat in the studio audience like I’m asking a question because they do a Q&A. So I go down there, sure enough, I just say, ‘What do I do?’ And Bret goes, ‘I’m pretty far removed from it,’ and he had his father who owned a promotion, so he really didn’t know what to tell me. He finds me in the hallway after. He says, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t have anything better to tell you, but here’s my number.’ He’s, at that point, the best wrestler in the world. And sure enough, a year later, I’m at his house. He’s got an indoor pool out in Calgary. He’s got a ring set up beside the pool and I’m out in the ring with him, and that opens the door to WWE.”

Edge concluded, “A lot of it really is, like Stallone, believing in myself, betting on myself. Then putting myself in the position to have someone crack a door, but then I gotta kick it off the hinges. Now, going back to what you said, I didn’t know I was gonna end up six-five, 240 [pounds].”

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