Eddie Murphy Chooses 'Coming to America' Over 'Trading Places'

It’s a favorite debate among comedy nerds and movie buffs: Which classic Eddie Murphy comedy is better, Trading Places (1983) or Coming to America (1988)? Well, Yahoo Movies has gotten the ultimate authority on this matter to weigh in: Eddie Murphy chooses Coming to America.

“I love Trading Places, but Coming to America has one of the things I like to do — I like the multiple characters,” Murphy told Yahoo Movies (watch above) while promoting the drama Mr. Church, his first film in four years.

Murphy recalled working with iconic makeup artist Rick Baker, who helped turn the actor into four different characters (Prince Akeem, Clarence, Randy Watson, and Saul) in the beloved John Landis-directed film about an African prince getting a taste of blue-collar life in Queens, New York.

“When Coming to America came out, I did an old Jewish guy [the wise-cracking barbershop patron Saul] and people didn’t know,” Murphy said. “They’d have to go see it again. That was fun.”

So ultimately Eddie Murphy chose Coming to America because it has more Eddie Murphies? That’s fine, the Coming to America camp will take it.

Mr. Church opens Sept. 16.

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