Eddie Murphy Almost Starred in a ‘Star Trek’ Movie

On 50 Years of Star Trek, we learned that Eddie Murphy almost had a starring role in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. And, according to the film’s co-writer Nicholas Meyer, it almost happened. “They had had a script written tailor-made to star Eddie Murphy, who was Paramount’s other big star at the time,” he said.

Meyer went on to say that “Paramount didn’t like the idea of putting all their golden eggs in one basket, Eddie Murphy and the Star Trek people.” So, instead of starring in Star Trek IV, that same year, Murphy starred in the film The Golden Child.

Perhaps on the next 50 Years of Star Trek there will have been another opportunity for Murphy to play a role in a Star Trek film. We’d love to see Star Trek: Another 48 Hours … in Space.

Watch Conan‘s epic Batman v Superman inspired tailer:

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