Ed Sheeran Is Putting a Boy Band Together

Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran visited Today, where he dropped some huge news for the world of music: He’s starting a boy band. Now, before you get too excited, Sheeran also said he won’t be a part of the boy band, but it seems anything he touches turns to gold … or platinum. Sheeran already has the songs written, which means this could be the biggest boy band to come along in a few years, and Sheeran explained why he won’t be taking part in the magic himself.

Ed Sheeran performs onstage at the Grammy Awards.
Ed Sheeran performs onstage at the Grammy Awards. (Photo: Getty Images)

“I have a bunch of really, really good boy band songs,” Sheeran said, later adding, “They’re pop, pop, pop songs.”

So the songs Sheeran has written are just a bit too pop, pop, poppy for him to sing himself. Besides already having perfect boy band songs written, Sheeran has another reason for wanting to do it.

Sheeran explained, “I have a big platform, which is this tour that’s going to be coming up this year and next year. I have the songs and have been given a record label by Warner. So I just have an infrastructure to do something quite cool.”

And what’s cooler than a boy band?

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