Ecobee's SmartCamera now doubles as a baby monitor

Amber Bouman
·Community Content Editor
·1 min read

Ecobee's home security SmartCamera has gotten some recent upgrades that allow the device to act as an always-on audio monitor, ideal for use in a nursery or near a crib. The SmartCamera now includes a Baby Monitor Mode in the setup menu. Using this mode will give parents and caretakers extra features like an always-on audio option that runs in the background even if you have other apps open or your phone is locked.

If you hear a murmur or noise, you can open the app to check the video feed to see if your little one is awake or still snoozing. The setting will also dim the LED lights on the front of the camera and keep you from accidentally triggering the Siren alarm, which are thoughtful additions. However, because it's part of a smart home ecosystem and not a traditional monitoring device, the feed and the audio are only available via the Ecobee app.

The company expanded its lineup to include the camera last year and it also produces a line of SmartSensors and thermostats as well as a packaged home monitoring platform. The SmartCamera captures video in 1080p and has a 180-degree field of view and it also uses two-factor authentication and analyzes footage locally using an eight-core processor. When used in a security setting, it can upload video when armed and sensing motion. It pairs with the Smart Thermostat and SmartSensors to add data on temperature and doors and windows opening. The SmartCamera is currently on sale at Amazon for $99, and the Sweet Dreams Baby Kit bundle with the camera, thermostat and sensor is on sale for $299.