EC3 Comments On Winning NWA World Title At NWA 75

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EC3 is living in the moment.

The National Wrestling Alliance shared comments from new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion EC3 after his title win. EC3 beat Tyrus for the title on night two of NWA 75.

“These are the moments you can’t plan for,” EC3 said. “These are true, real, raw, emotional moments derived from the greatest art form, the greatest physical spectacle that we have come to love, and that is professional wrestling. There’s no white piece of paper. There’s no verbatim script written. These are raw, true, real, emotions, and in this moment, in this emotion, I’ve become who I’m supposed to be.”

EC3 then described how he had been given a great gift. He also recalled how his road to the title was filled with suffering.

“I’ve been given a great gift,” EC3 said. “The great gift is this roster. The great gift is this company, the great gift was my opponent, Tyrus, who so generously sacrificed himself on my behalf to become the World’s Heavyweight Champion. This is my third world’s heavyweight championship. The road to number three, it was a road of suffering. If you have any idea of my history, maybe you know, but maybe you don’t.

“The last year of my life has not been easy. It has been difficult. I have been broken and broken, physically, mentally, heart, emotion, friendships severed, relationships scattered. It’s all because that suffering is why I can become great. Because you suffer not to play victim, to not wallow. You suffer so you can conquer, so you can achieve.

Something To Fight For

EC3 continued by describing how he has a lot to fight for as the NWA’s champion. He stated that the company would be the best wrestling product on the planet.

“Suffering is the greatest gift you can be given, because it gives you something to fight back, fight against. It gives you something to fight for. As the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, I have a lot to fight for,” EC3 said. “I have an entire locker room that is looking to me as their leader, [and] I will fight for that.

“I have a company who put their faith and their stock in my skills, ability, and passion. I’ll fight for that. I have a fan base that can be turned on a dime because we are going to be the best wrestling product in this world, and I swear that’s true. I can fight for that. But through all that fight, the most important fight is the fight is the fight for yourself. In this moment, I have become who I’m supposed to be. And in this moment, I have self-actualized. In this moment, I am over, man. In this moment, I am EC3-time world champion. Thus spoke EC3.”

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