Would You Eat This "Too Much Cilantro" Pizza From Pizza Hut?

If you love cilantro, you might want to try Pizza Hut's latest creation -- the "Too Much Cilantro" pizza.

Landing in Japan, the pie comes with a thick layer of cilantro, each slice topped with at least three stalks of the herb. "The moment you open the box, you'll be surprised by the fragrance. It's a non-standard amount of cilantro to which Gen Z can't help but say: 'Wow, it's like grass is growing,'" the press release explains. Joining Pizza Hut's efforts in attracting a younger, Gen Z audience, the pizza additionally features prawns, tomato sauce and "yangnyeom (양념, Korean for "sauce")" to accompany the divisive coriander flavor.

Take a closer look at the cilantro pizza down below. The "Too Much Cilantro" pizza is available in limited quantities from March 20 to April 9 at 251 of Pizza Hut's Japan locations.