Easy Keto BBQ Recipes - Chicken Shawarma Kebabs & Cornbread

Sticky and sweet barbecue meats. Fluffy corn bread. Sweet tea. If you thought you'd have to give up all these barbecue favorites just to be successful on the keto diet, think again! KETO BBQ (https://bit.ly/3neZbUg) will give you lots of keto options for both family-friendly meals and guest-worthy backyard celebrations. Take these Grilled Chicken Shawarma Kebabs paired with Jalapeno-Cheddar “Corn Bread” — together they come in at only 2g net carbs per serving and are sure to satisfy all your barbecue cravings. Made with almond and coconut flours, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos, the “corn bread” is a perfect complement to the savory Middle Eastern-flavored, deliciously-marinated chicken. With more than 100 recipes for low-carb, keto-friendly marinades, barbecue sauces, and condiments; grilled meats and seafood; salads and sides; and drinks and desserts, Keto BBQ will entice you out to the grill all summer long!