All of the Easter Eggs and Special Moments From the ‘Bluey’ Season Finale ‘The Sign’

Spoiler alert—here's the heartwarming way season 3 wrapped up and what we can look forward to possibly in season 4.

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The season three finale of Bluey demonstrates that everything happens for a reason. The supersized 28-minute episode called “The Sign” put fans' fears to rest once and for all that the show could be ending after the previous episode hinted some major changes were coming for the Heeler family.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed at the end of “Ghost Basket” that the Heelers were putting their house up for sale. After viewing that episode with my sons, I had to endure nonstop questions for a week:

“Why are Bluey’s parents selling their home?”

“Where are they moving to?”

“How much are they selling their house for?”

Are WE going to sell our home?”

My answer each time was, “I don’t know; we have to watch the season finale to find out the answers!” and “No! We are not selling our home!”

Not only did the season finale deliver answers, but it also included some roller coaster poignant moments and Easter eggs, that brought on all the feels for both parents and kids alike.

Here’s what you may have missed—and spoiler alert if you haven't watched yet!

'We'll See'

“The Sign” picks up as Bluey is trying to understand and come to terms with her parents having to sell their home as their family is gearing up for Frisky’s wedding to Rad. Viewers find out the exact reason why their home is being sold: Bandit got another job in another city in which he tells Bluey “pays a lot more money which means we can give you a better life.”

“I don’t want a better life!” Bluey tells him in the episode. She breaks the news about her big move to her classmates after her teacher reads the tale about a farmer who goes through a series of ups and downs trying to sell his horse. His response to every situation he faced was, “We’ll see,” a metaphor for what Bluey is living through in her life.

“Is it a happy ending or a sad ending?” Bluey asks Calypso, who responds, “Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to,” despite The Dogs Who Can’t See putting a bid on her home and the move being imminent.

The theme pops up several times throughout the extended episode. After Frisky fights with Rad before the wedding because he wants to move out West after the nuptials, Chilli, Bluey’s mom, takes the kids to chase after Frisky and they go through a series of hiccups to try to get her back to the altar.

Chilli admits to Bluey she too does not want to move. “You took your first steps in that home,” she sadly tells Bluey but she is willing to accept change because it could give the family a better life. “It could be good or it could be bad,” she tells Bluey. “We’ll see,” she adds.

The girls find Frisky at her favorite place- the lookout in the park, and with a “lucky coin” Bluey found during the chase to find Frisky at a juice shop, puts it into the telescope to look out on the city. The coin ultimately gets stuck and the girls are not able to physically see anything. But Frisky and Rad make up and the wedding is back on with Frisky fully embracing the possibility of change herself.

That change comes at the wedding, as Rad announces that he has changed his mind, and will be staying put to make Frisky happy. He tells Bandit, “I’ll find another job,” which then forces Bandit to contemplate if he’s making the right decision by moving.

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A New Baby Cousin On The Way

While “The Sign” is predominantly about Bluey’s struggle with change, one huge positive change is on the way. Brandy, Chilli’s older sister, who viewers sadly learned in the Season 3 episode “Onesies,” struggles with infertility and believes she would never be able to have children of her own.

All of that has changed as Brandy shows up to Rad and Frisky’s wedding with a full pregnant belly on display. Chilli gently rubs her sister’s growing belly in a quick “blink and you’ll miss it” scene. I gasped when I saw it, because “Onesies” was one of the most heartbreaking episodes of Bluey.

'Flappy the Butterfly' Returns

In an episode titled “Slide” of Season 3, Bingo and her friend Lila spend the episode attempting to save a tiny green caterpillar in the backyard. That episode concluded with the caterpillar doing what it does best—making a cocoon and turning into a blue butterfly they dubbed “Flappy.” The butterfly lands on Bingo and Lila’s paws, to which Lila exclaims, “That’s lucky!”

That same butterfly returns in this episode a few times, one time in Chilli’s car with the girls as they try to search for the missing Frisky. The butterfly helps lead Chilli to the lookout, where they find Frisky.

New Love

After Bluey announced the news of her move to her classmates in “The Sign,” her friends in the class started sharing their own problems that were plaguing them.

Winton mentions his dad is lonely because his mom doesn’t live with him anymore. It prompted one of the Terriers to tell Winton, “Our mum likes your dad.

Later on in the episode, The Dogs Who Can’t See end up on the lookout at the same telescope where Bluey’s coin got stuck. They manage to get it to work and attempt to look at their new prospective home. Instead, they view their perfect “dream home” up for sale, which also has a pool. Looking closely, viewers see the home is being sold by Winton’s dad and the Terriers' mom. The new couple gives each other a snuggle, as all four kids sit in a car next to the home.

Fans may recall Winton’s Dad and the Terriers' mom had a moment together earlier in Season 3 in the episode “TV Shop.”

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Nana Learns to 'Floss'

Both Rita and Janet, aka the “Grannies,” make cameos in the season finale. The beloved duo first made their debut in the series in Season 1’s “Grannies” episode, where Bingo and Bluey fight over the Grannies' ability to floss (the dance, not dental hygiene). Bluey later teaches Nana Heeler the viral social media dance.

She put her new knowledge on full display at Frisky and Rad’s wedding, happily flossing with Grandpa on the dance floor.

'Greeny' Flys High

Bluey has consistently touched on themes of change and coping. Often Bluey is faced with the idea that sometimes things happen in life we don’t like, but everything ends up being ok in the end. She learned this lesson in “Mum School” in Season 2 when her favorite green balloon she dubbed “Greeny” floated away.

At first, Bluey seems to be the only one struggling with the theme of change and moving in “The Sign.” When her little sister Bingo finally grasps what is happening, Bluey rushes to comfort her sister, having learned throughout the episode that while change can be scary, it can also be good.

As Bluey sits with her little sister on the front lawn under the “For Sale” sign of their home which has been sold, the camera pans up to show the clouds above them, with Greeny floating right above the two embracing sisters.

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'Bluey' Will Be Back

The way “The Sign” ended, it doesn’t seem like the Heelers will be going anywhere any time soon. After The Dogs Who Can’t See presumably end up moving into Winton’s dad’s home instead, Bandit rips the "For Sale" sign out of the front yard right before the credits roll.

Also, as Parents reported, show producer Sam Moor told BBC Radio 4 that the show is definitely returning after this season. "It is the question on everybody's lips. No, it is not the end for Bluey. I'm sure we have many more surprises in store for you,” she said of the beloved show’s future.

As fans are still relishing in the happy ending from “The Sign,” it’s unclear when the show will come back for a fourth season. We do know if it’s anything like this season, it’ll be packed with positive relatable stories of family life and parenting the show is known and loved for.

I guess “We’ll see.” 

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