Dylan O’Brien Cracks Up While Explaining His “Slut Era”

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Dylan O'Brien is walking us through this new era in his life—and we're not okay.

Following a viral April 27 tweet from the Maze Runner star that simply read, "slut era," he exclusively gave E! News' The Rundown some insight as to what the phrase means for his own life.

Dylan didn't hold back when asked whether his performance in the new film Not Okay—where he plays Colin, a clout-chasing micro influencer yearning for fame—was inspired by his slut era or vice versa. "I would say the former," he told host Erin Lim Rhodes. "My own slut era inspired the performance. It clearly has always been inside me somewhere."

But as for whether he's still in this particular stage in his life, Dylan isn't one to kiss and tell, saying, "Oh, that stays with me."

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Still, it turns out there's more to his tweet than meets the eye—kind of. The Teen Wolf alum tried to explain exactly what this new era means to him, though he couldn't help but crack a laugh at the end. "It's just like a concept, it's like an energy," he shared. "It's also like somewhere sort of like a prediction of where the world was heading."

Dylan O'Brien
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In addition to Dylan, Not Okay stars Zoey Deutch as Danni Sanders, a desperate writer who fakes a trip to Paris while she's instead actually hiding out in her Brooklyn apartment. When a terrorist attack hits the city, Danni uses the tragedy to launch her career as a social media celebrity.

Not Okay is streaming now on Hulu.