Dylan Mulvaney Says Bud Light Did Not Stand By Her Amid ‘Bullying and Transphobia’

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Dylan Mulvaney recently called out Bud Light, for not supporting her, after enlisting the influencer for a sponsored post that invoked an ongoing flow of extreme backlash.

The celebrity influencer posted an Instagram video speaking out against the backlash she had been receiving since her April partnership with the beer company. She noted that since the initial Instagram-sponsored post, she still has yet to receive support from Bud Light.

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In the four-minute video, Mulvaney discussed how the partnership’s controversy has impacted her mental health and overall well-being, after being “ridiculed in public.” But as controversy continued, Mulvaney remained quiet and hoped the beer company would stand by their partnership, and much to her dismay, they left the influencer to face the backlash alone.

“For a company to hire a trans person and then to not publicly stand by them is worse, in my opinion, than not hiring a trans personal at all because it gives customers permission to be as transphobic and hateful as they want,” said Mulvaney.

She noted that she originally took the brand deal because Bud Light was a company she “loved.” But quickly consumers expressed their outrage at the post, and Mulvaney explained, “It must have been a slow news week because the way that this ad got blown up, you would’ve thought I was like on a billboard or on a TV commercial or something major. But no, it was just an Instagram video.”

After waiting a few months to discuss the ongoing controversy, that has caused celebrities and fans alike to express their dissatisfaction with the company, Mulvaney said “I’m bringing it up because what transpired from that video was more bullying and transphobia than I could have ever imagined.”

“I should’ve made this video months ago but I didn’t,” continued Mulvaney. “I was scared of more backlash, and I felt personally guilty for what transpired.”

Mulvaney continued, “For months now, I’ve been scared to leave the house. I’ve been ridiculed in public. I’ve been followed, and I have felt a loneliness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And I’m not telling you this because I want your pity, I’m telling you this because if this is my experience from a very privileged perspective, know that it is much, much worse for other trans people.”

Mulvaney posted the video as Pride Month concludes and noted how she has worked with other companies that support and care for the LGBTQ community. “I’ve worked with some fantastic companies who care, but caring about the LGBTQ+ community requires a lot more than just a donation somewhere during Pride Month.”

While several conservative celebrities, including Kid Rock and Travis Tritt, have expressed their frustration with Bud Light, Mulvaney received a flood of comments from supportive celebrities and fans on her latest video.

Ellen DeGeneres wrote, “We still have a long way to go, but things will get better, and they’ll get better because of you.” While “Queer Eye’s” Jonathan Van Ness commented, “I am so proud of you honey!!” Musician Gayle wrote “I’m so so sorry for all the bullshit you’ve been through ily sm and you’re amazing.”
Hayley Kiyoko added, “So proud of you thank you for this we love you!!!”

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