Dylan McDermott Predicts Will Smith's Oscar Chances With Richard Williams Biopic 'King Richard'

Dylan McDermott already sees gold in Will Smith's future! The Emmy-nominated actor played coy with Access Daily's Scott Evans about his undercover role in the forthcoming biopic "King Richard" about Serena and Venus Williams' father Richard Williams, instead sharing tons of praise about his co-star's leading performance! "This movie, by the way, is going to be phenomenal," the "Hollywood" star said. "The Williams sisters, I didn't know the full story of what they went through and their father. I was just was like blown away! So, I really think that this is Will Smith's chance at an Oscar 'cause this is a great role. It's a great movie." Dylan also revealed the iconic musician that he would love to play in a biopic: George Michael! "Hollywood" is streaming now on Netflix.