Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Will Portray MMA Star Mark Kerr

We're Here For It

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has revealed he'll play MMA great Mark Kerr in a dramatic role, his first.

The Rock made the announcement at last week's UFC 244 event at Madison Square Garden. He was a guest presenter for the occasion.

That Brings a Smile To Our Faces

Johnson says the movie will be produced through his own company, Seven Bucks Productions, which he co-owns with producer Dany Garcia. There's no studio involved with the project yet.

The Rock Will Star As MMA Legend Mark Kerr

Mark Kerr, whose nickname is "The Smashing Machine," was once considered the best MMA fighter in the world. HBO even produced a documentary on him in 2002. The film touched on Kerr's start as an NCAA Division 1 wrestling star. It also discussed his MMA career and his struggles with drug addiction.

Here's what "The Rock" said on Friday at Madison Square Garden:

“Mark Kerr’s story is such an incredible story. Like all of us, and like a lot of these fighters, he battled these demons — these demons of addiction, these demons of mental health, these demons of getting out and the pressure of fighting in front of 50,000 people and what that does to somebody."

"Here’s a guy who has gone through it all, hit rock bottom, but the best part about Mark Kerr is that, like all of us in this room and all these fighters, these warriors, is that everyday, we get up and we want to do a little bit better tomorrow than we did today.”

For Now, We'll See The Rock In the Latest 'Jumanji' Film

Until that happens, we'll get to see Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and company in Jumanji The Next Level_, which lands in theaters Dec. 13. After that, The Rock appears in Jungle Cruise which is scheduled to run in theaters July 24, 2020.