Watch Dwayne Johnson Help Us Sing 'Let It Go’

Dwayne Johnson is realizing a career goal by voicing a character a major Disney animated motion picture — and, yes, you will smell what he’s singing. The actor otherwise known as The Rock confirmed he’ll be showing off his chops in an exclusive interview shortly after he appeared onstage to pump up the crowd at Disney’s D23 presentation for the studio’s next princess movie, Moana.

“It was one of the reasons I was so excited,” he said in the interview, which you can watch above. “The character sings some really cool songs, and sings with Moana.” Johnson has been known to occasionally bust out some Taylor Swift, but rarely sings in movies, save for lighter roles like one that found him crooning by the campfire in Journey 2: Mysterious Island.

In Moana, Johnson stars as a demigod (he’s even more powerful than Hercules and that wall of bricks he plays in the Fast & Furious movies) named Maui who helps guide the still uncast titular heroine on a seafaring adventure.

With this interview coming at a Disney convention, our conversation with Johnson ultimately ventured into Frozen territory, ending with a sing-along of the inescapable anthem “Let It Go.” We think you’ll agree we both nailed failed it.

Moana opens Nov. 23, 2016.