Dustin Rhodes Wants To Start His Own Wrestling Promotion In Austin, Texas

dustin rhodes
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Dustin Rhodes is ready to take the Rhodes Wrestling Academy to the next level later this year.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Dustin Rhodes recently sat down with the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the Rhodes Wrestling Academy starting its own wrestling promotion, The Natural confirmed that it’s in the plans for later this year in Texas.

“That is correct, and it’s probably going to happen sometime late summer I think, and it’ll be local here,” Dustin Rhodes confirmed. “So I know that we’ve had some like Inspire come in town, and we had Wrestle Circus a ways back; there was a couple more.

“But I think we can really take over this market in Austin and do something big with it, and that’s all I’m hoping for is that these kids have a place to go in front of kids, in front of people to feel their energy.

“Because this is only so much when you have 300 people, it gives you a lot more energy when they’re there, and they’re in the moment, and they love their pro wrestling, and Austin’s a great pro wrestling city. They love their wrestling here.”

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What do you make of Dustin Rhodes’ comments? Would you be interested in checking out his Texas-based promotion? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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