'Dune': The Amazing Emoji Explainer by Kyle MacLachlan

Dune, be it presented via the voluminous, impenetrable prose of Frank Herbert or the equally inscrutable frames of David Lynch’s movie adaptation, can be tough to wrap your head around.

Sure, there’s Wikipedia or Spark Notes or a seemingly endless supply of YouTube primers, but sometimes you just need to go to the source. With Herbert dying 30 years ago, however, Dune noob LifeofKeira decided her next best option was Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Lynch’s 1984 movie, and his emoji-happy Twitter account.

Thankfully, to the delight of the Internet, MacLachlan obliged in 41 glorious characters.

Still, one fan had a nit to pick. (Note to Unicode: That shirtless Sting emoji could be a winner. Let’s get going on it.)

MacLachlan better keep his tweetin’ thumbs loose. With more than 60 movie and TV credits on his IMDb résumé, things could get dicey.