Dune: Part 2 delayed into 2024 as studios really start to panic

Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two

The Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers hasn’t had an especially great week (we’ll give you a moment to tune your tiny violins or to comically dab the fake tears from your eyes). Just yesterday we reported that the long-awaited return to the bargaining table with the Writers Guild Of America was apparently just a scheme to try and force the members into turning on their union—to make it seem like the negotiating committee was simply being obstinate in the face of a supposedly good offer from the studios. The WGA even said that, instead of a negotiation, the AMPTP returned to bargain with “a lecture about how good their single and only counteroffer was.”

Like most of the AMPTP’s moves, it seemed to do little more than reenergize that striking workers, and now the studios are willfully suffering the consequences of their own refusal to meet the demands of the writers and actors they depend on so much: As reported by Deadline, Warner Bros. Discovery has officially decided to bump Dune: Part Two from November 3 all the way to March 15, 2024, and not only is it definitely because of the strikes, but it’s also definitely a desperation move that shows that the studios are nervous.

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