'Dukes of Hazzard' Star John Schneider Fails to Show Up for Divorce Trial, Pays Dearly

John Schneider did not show up to court on Tuesday for his divorce trial and, predictably, things did not go his way.

Elvira Schneider was given the couple's property in California (deemed to be worth under $600,000) while the "Dukes of Hazzard" star got to keep his Louisiana property, which is worth $600,000.

The court found that John nearly drained one of the couple's IRA accounts of about $40,000 so she was given another IRA worth $60,000. The judge considered the difference in value between the accounts to be "considered as sanctions" against John.

When it came time to decide on spousal support, the court ruled that John "has an upper class standard of living and he failed to comply with the Court's orders."

He was ordered to pay two years worth of back spousal support at $24,924 per month and then beginning on September 1, 2019, he's on the hook for $20,000 a month in support going forward.

John still owes $116,500 in attorneys fees for Elvira's legal team and the judge ordered him to pay another $279,300. He was ordered to make $5,000 monthly payments to settle the debt and "if any one payment is 5 days late, the entire remaining balance shall become immediately due and payable in full."

Once the judgment is signed by both parties, their marriage will officially be over and they will officially be single people once again.

That must be good news for John, since he says he married (presumably not legally) his girlfriend Alicia Allain last month.

The divorce of Elvira and John Schneider has been going on for years and has been quite nasty.

Along the way, Elvira has had to get court orders to garnish his wages in order to get money from him and he was even sentenced to a few days in jail at one point for not paying.