'Duck Dynasty' Star John Luke Robertson Shares First Pic of Newborn Son!

John Luke Robertson is giving fans the first look at his newborn son!

The "Duck Dynasty" star and his wife, Mary Kate Robertson, debuted their baby boy to the world just two days after he was born.

Meet John, Jr.!

The couple welcomed John Shepherd on Monday -- 10 days before his due date -- and now, they are sharing their adorable son with fans!

Posting a black and white photo, John Luke, 24, showed just how alert John, Jr. is already!

"Welcome to the world, John Shepherd!" the new dad wrote.

In the snap, Mary Kate is cradling the little man in her arms from the hospital bed. Both parents are seen smiling while staring at their new bundle of joy.


Mary Kate shared her own photos of their tiny tyke too.

In one snap, John Shepherd is seen wearing a sweater with his name branded in big letters.

He appeared to be sleeping with his hospital ankle bracelet still in plain view while Mom snapped away.

"Hi baby John Shepherd!! He decided to surprise us 10 days early on October 14, 2019 and we are in loveeeee," she wrote.

Family of 3!

She proudly posted about her "Robertson family of 3" with photos in the hospital of the trio.

John Shepherd was photographed sleeping in his mom's arms while his breaming parents posed for the camera.

Like any newborn, his sleepy eyes didn't stay closed for long! She also shared a snap with John, Jr.'s eyes wide open.

It's Love!

This is the "Duke Dynasty" star and his wife's first child.

John Luke proudly revealed they were expecting back in May with a pic of the baby bump and sonogram.

"Yep, that’s a baby!" he wrote.