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Can Duane 'Dog' Chapman legally apprehend Brian Laundrie with no license?

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Duane "Dog" Chapman is leading a major search for Brian Laundrie — but what happens if actually finds Gabby Petito's fiancé? Turns out Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is unlicensed to actually capture fugitives. But despite some reports, the former reality star can still apprehend Laundrie.

Chapman vowed to find Laundrie after an arrest warrant was issued last month. Laundrie, who has been missing for weeks, is wanted for questioning about the disappearance of Petito as her death was ruled a homicide. Search efforts are underway in Florida, but The Daily Mail noted Chapman has no license as a bounty hunter or private investigator.

In 1976, Chapman was involved in a drug deal gone wrong when his accomplice shot and killed a man. The former A&E star was convicted of first-degree murder so he's unable to obtain proper licensing. However, Chapman's publicist explains to Yahoo Entertainment, that doesn't impact his search for Laundrie.

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman can detain Brian Laundrie without a license. (Photo: Getty Images)

As there is a warrant issued, "any citizen who sees [Laundrie] can detain him and turn him over," says Jennifer Willingham. "There are also licensed people working with Dog and also off-duty police. He's covered to apprehend multiple ways." If Chapman finds Laundrie, he can detain the man until authorities arrive.

Chapman told TMZ this week he assumes "survivalist" Laundrie is alive.

"Not alive and doing well but he's alive," the reality star declared. "There's no evidence of him being suicidal like that anywhere. And you know he didn't say that to anyone."

Chapman's family is divided on his efforts. One of his daughters, Cecily, slammed the search as a "publicity stunt." (A&E reportedly "immediately passed" when he pitched a show about it.) Lyssa Chapman praised her father and confirmed he's still in Florida.