Dua Lipa Was Spotted Kissing Trevor Noah, and Fans Don’t Know What to Think: See the Best Reactions

Turns out, one kiss really is all it takes. At least, it was more than enough to completely throw Twitter into a tailspin Thursday (Sept. 29), when photos showing Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah kissing while seemingly on a date in New York City began circulating online.

In one of the pictures, the “Levitating” singer is spotted outside at night, walking side by side with Noah, both wearing jackets. In another, the two stand near a car as Noah, his arm wrapped around Dua’s back, kisses her delicately on the lips.

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Admittedly, the 27-year-old pop star and 38-year-old TV host — who broke up with actress Minka Kelly earlier this year — are one of the more unexpected celebrity pairings since Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott, one of the Property Brothers. That’s why the internet is having a field day reacting to the potential new couple, cracking jokes about how unexpected the blossoming romance is.

“You could’ve given me a million hints plus unlimited time and i would’ve never landed on ‘dua lipa and trevor noah are dating,'” quipped one person on Twitter.

“Trevor noah & dua lipa is the final nail in september’s coffin…this month has been a MOVIE,” wrote another.

As if their smooch weren’t enough to get people talking, Noah announced that he would be leaving his post as host of The Daily Show — a job he’s held since taking over for Jon Stewart in 2015 — within hours of their photos surfacing. And naturally, folks on the internet also had a lot of jokes lined up specifically for how the timing of the comedian’s career change coincided with his apparent new love interest.

“Trevor Noah started dating Dua Lipa and understandably decided it’s time to be a house husband,” tweeted one.

And another, in response to a headline bearing news of Noah’s Daily Show exit, wrote, “Guess one kiss is all it takes,” referencing, of course, Dua’s 2018 smash hit with Calvin Harris.

See more of the best tweets, memes and reactions to Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah’s surprising smooch below:

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