Dua Lipa’s Latest Social Post Sparks Speculation: ‘Who Wants More?’


Dua Lipa may be getting ready to drop new music, or at least that's what fans are thinking after her latest social media post.

The artist, who rose to fame in 2017, has become a phenomenon, even going on to win numerous awards throughout her career, including seven Brit Awards and three Grammy Awards.

Some of her most successful singles include 'Be the One,' 'IDGAF,' and 'New Rules.' Now, could new music be on the way?

Dua Lipa Breaks The Internet With Latest Social Media Post

Dua Lipa's Latest Social Post Sparks Speculation: 'Who Wants More?'

Lipa released her second studio album, Future Nostalgia four years ago in March 2020, and fans are begging for new music. The artist seems to be having fun with an upcoming announcement as she shared a series of photos to Instagram, including a black and white pic of her in a swimming pool, asking fans "Who wants more?"

Fans of the singer are convinced this is an upcoming album teaser as they flooded the comments section. "I want the album name and cover," one follower said. "WHERE'S THE ALBUM?" another asked.

One user wrote something similar, stating, "We want the album."

Is Dua Lipa Dropping New Music?

Dua Lipa's Latest Social Post Sparks Speculation: 'Who Wants More?'

Fans of the 'New Rules' artist continued to beg Dua Lipa for details as one user said, "Announce the album godd---it" as another one commented, "Dua when are you announcing the album please. I beg of you."

"God by announcing your album from here to 2030," another follower said.

And one social media user commented, "Yes we do. Anticipation is one thing but, c'mon, give us a date already!"

Dua Lipa Asks Fans: 'Who Wants More?'


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The 28-year-old musician released her first, self-titled debut album in 2017 before releasing her second, 'Future Nostalgia'.

Lipa recently confirmed she will, in fact, be releasing new music, but she is keeping fans on their toes as she is keeping the release date under wraps.

“It’s now really starting to take shape,” she said in 2022 teasing her upcoming album, “Maybe something will come out next year, but I’m saying ‘maybe’ with caution. I have to feel really, really good about it before I plan to put anything out.”

While fans wait for her third album, she did give a taste as she recently released her new single 'Houdini'.

Dua Lipa's Third Album To Be Released In 2024

Dua Lipa's Latest Social Post Sparks Speculation: 'Who Wants More?'

While fans don't yet know a release date, they do know the album will be coming out sometime this year. Lipa recently said her forthcoming album will be “more personal” than her other releases.

“The album is different. It’s still pop but it’s different sonically, and there’s more of a lyrical theme,” Lipa told WSJ Magazine. She went on to say the new sound will not “alienate” her current fans.

Narrowing down the songs to feature on the album was a bit difficult for the artist, as she's been working on this project since 2021 and had written 97 songs.

“I started writing for this album in 2021, and I just wanted to write my ideas down,” she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “So, I went down to CVS, and I just bought a random notebook. Had I have known how important that book would’ve been, maybe I would’ve gotten a more fancy one.”

“I love CVS. I’m obsessed with it," she said, adding, "There’s nothing like a CVS or going in and buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need. It’s got every single song I’ve written for this album. I wrote 97 songs.”

Dua Lipa Was Recently Nominated at The Golden Globes

Dua Lipa's Latest Social Post Sparks Speculation: 'Who Wants More?'

The 'Dance The Night Away' artist was nominated for original song at the 2024 Golden Globes -- something she never dreamed would happen.

“I woke up this morning to my first Golden Globe nomination and I couldn’t be more grateful!" the artist said in a statement prior to the big Hollywood event, “Getting the chance to write a song for a movie was so special. Figuring out how to soundtrack this critical moment in the movie on Barbie’s ‘best day ever’ was like this big jigsaw puzzle that Mark, Andrew, Caroline and I had to fit together."

“The entire experience was completely different than writing one of my own songs, and it’s one that I’ll never forget," she added.

Bille Ellish ended up taking home the trophy with her brother, Finneas, for their emotional ballad ‘What Was I Made For?’ from the hit film, ‘Barbie’.