Dua Lipa Breaks Down the Similarities Between Homophobia, Transphobia & Misogyny

Along with being a hit-making singer, Dua Lipa has made it clear throughout her career that she is an ally to the LGBTQ community. And in a recent interview, she explained why she feels such a strong connection to her queer and trans fans.

Speaking to Vogue France, Lipa shared her intersectional view of the troubles faced by women and the LGBTQ community. “Homophobia and transphobia are close to misogyny,” she said. “A lot of people, deep down, are just afraid of themselves. The freedom of others confronts them with what they do not have the courage to express. The beauty of a free, true and proud being paralyzes them.”

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Her proclamation came amid a conversation about modern-day misogyny amid the #MeToo movement, which she points out has shifted the conversation surrounding sexism into a better area. “The guys are more attentive. Maybe they’re just afraid of being accused one day, but I still feel like a lot of people realize that structures of domination have been in place for ages,” she said. “And this observation can change things. So we’re going in the right direction, even if there’s still a lot of work to do.”

The conversation then steered toward backlash Lipa received after she attended a strip-club party with Lizzo following the 2020 Grammys — long before accusations came out about alleged inappropriate behavior on Lizzo’s part during a live sex show. Some claimed that Lipa and Lizzo were defending the “exploitation of women” by going to a strip club.

“Obviously I am against any exploitation. But I also see that we constantly criticize the choices that women make,” Lipa explained. “We get slut-shamed for everything and anything. And before attacking people, who cares about their history? So, for me, it’s super important to respect women’s choices, whatever they are.”

The new interview comes amid a time of highs and lows for the singer. While Lipa’s hit song off the Barbie soundtrack “Dance the Night” is currently enjoying its 12th week on the Billboard Hot 100 with a No. 8 position, the star is also embroiled in yet another lawsuit surrounding her hit single “Levitating.” Music producer Bosco Kante claims that he gave Lipa permission to use a talk box track he created for her in the song’s original version, but not in any subsequent remixes.

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