Drunken Duo Who Tortured, Killed Pet Parrot Sentenced To 25 Months In Jail

curious gray parrot

curious gray parrot

Ramazan Heperol / Getty Images

Two women have been jailed for torturing and killing an ex-soldier’s African grey parrot following a drunken night out.

Tracy Dixon, 47, and Nicola Bradley, 35, doused Sparky in cleaning products and put her in a tumble dryer before breaking her neck, when they were collected and taken to the owner Paul Crooks’ home last year.

On Tuesday (Aug. 29), both women were sentenced to 25 months each at Carlisle Crown Court after previously being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

As they left the house where they did this, they told Sparky’s owner they’d been “wetting themselves with laughter”, though they did not say why.

During an all-day trial, Mr Crooks described how he was given the pet from a previous partner and lived with her for five years.

Describing the parrot, he told the court: “Sparky was absolutely fine. She used to sing a regimental march, combined with God Save the Queen, and the Coronation Street and Emmerdale theme tunes. She was also a hit with friends as she’d start singing when I talked to them on video calls around the world.”

Crooks added that he had since experienced panic attacks and struggled to sleep. “In terms of not having Sparky around any more, it’s not been the same without her,” he said. “The house is so quiet without her now and she’s been a huge miss.”

Prosecutor Dan Bramhall described the attack as “sadistic behaviour” by both women, with “serious cruelty inflicted”. Judge Richard Archer said their actions had been “beyond” comprehension.