Drs. Exclusive with Reality Royalty: Gretchen & Slade; Courageous Country Singing Star, Hilary Williams; Your Hashtag Health! Germs on New Clothes? Kids Sending Nudes? Rest in Peace Mom?! Healthy Food Porn! Hack or Wack?! #AskTheDoctors!

At home exclusive with reality royalty: Gretchen & Slade; Courageous country singing star Hilary Williams; Hashtag health! Could you get germs and bacteria from new clothes? Elementary school kids sending nudes? Why this social media mommy is saying rest in peace! Healthy porn…food porn, that is! Hack or wack? Another round of #AskTheDoctors! One week social media cleanse? Buzz or bust with the latest viral beauty trend! And the benefits of disconnecting!